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A Compass for Childhood Program

The main goal of the Program is the development of the Toolkit for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of regional programs in the child welfare field, according to the best Russian practices. The Program is involved in the creation of Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for the dissemination of the developed Toolkit, toward the goal of increasing the qualifications of specialists.

In view of the aforementioned goals, the following tasks were developed for the Program:

I. Consolidate and analyze the most innovative Russian practices in providing services to families and children, as well as develop the Toolkit for regional planning, comprised of the following components:

1. The provision of services:  Basic package of recommended services for families and children, including service delivery guidelines, methodological recommendations for their implementation, organization and in quality control;
2. Strengthening human resources capacity: Practically-oriented training programs for specialists on working with families and children, with accompanying training curricula and manuals;
3. Regional needs assessment: Tools to determine the level of services needed, analyze the effectiveness of resources usage and estimate the volume of investment needed for the implementation of regional child welfare programs;
4. Performance monitoring: Tools for monitoring the progress of implementation of regional child welfare programs, and the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of results;
5. Regional program modules: Model (approximate) divisions of regional programs in the child welfare field, with accompanying methodological recommendations for design and financial feasibility.

II. Establish inter-regional Centers of Excellence for the approbation and dissemination of the Toolkit for regional planning and training, as well as provide expert methodological assistance to nine regions in implementation of some or all of the components of the Toolkit for regional planning.

III. Raise awareness of the best models and practices in the field of child welfare by disseminating the Toolkit for regional planning, conducting nationwide conferences and other events, and by working together with other NGOs, think tanks and professional associations.

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Program materials

 Changes in Demand for Services
 List of Prevention Services


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